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Car setup:
1997 Nissan 240SX
Blacktop SR20DET
Brian Crower 264 Camshafts
Silk Road Turbo Manifold
Silk Road Coilovers
ACT Racing Clutch
Bride ZetaIII Seats
Falken Azenis 615K Tires
18x9.5 +0 Varrstoen Wheels
Factory83 Graphics Scheme
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Apexi Power FC L-Jettro
Apexi AVRC Boost Controller
Stance GR+Pro Coilovers
Silkroad adjustable linkage
KP Race Over Angle knuckles
Recaro pole
position/Sparco EVO 2 seats
Position 1 Racecraft Roll
Nardi Classic steering wheel
w/NRG hub
18×9.5 Enkei RPF-01 – Front
18×10.5 Enkei RPF-01 – Rear
Mike Phillips purchased his 1990 Nissan 240sx in
September 2005, what started out as a automatic stock
commuter car is now the beast you see before you now!
Born July 24th, 1987 in Burien, Washington, Michael quickly realized he
had an interest in cars. As soon as he could drive he was tinkering with his
cars, leading to an interest in taking them to their limits. In April of 2004,
while working on the sales floor at a local racing shop, Michael put a new
DVD on the screen for customers to watch while they were waiting, but the
instant he saw the contents he couldn’t turn away. The video was the
event coverage of the first American drifting competition. Less than a
month later, he purchased his first drift capable car.
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Bill Miller
Bill Miller is a freestyle stunt bike
rider/performer out of Everett, WA & has
performed in many stunt shows, exhibitions, &
competitions. He has also made appearances
in DVD clips and can be found riding on the
1st Place- Longest Stoppie Portland, OR
1st Place- Sickest Freestyle burnout Portland, OR
3rd Place- Most Circles in 15 seconds Portland,
3rd Place- Team Event Portland, OR
7th Place- Showdown USA Tacoma, WA
Bills Awards
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Nikki showed great dedication by attending practically every drift event in Western
Washington to achieve her dream of drifting in the pro-ranks. She is one of a handful
of female drifters in the Northwest and her distinctive pink colored S13 dubbed "The
Pink Piglet" is a crowd favorite.

Constantly pushing herself beyond limits, Nikki is known for her all or nothing attitude
making herself one of the first female drivers to compete in XDC. Nikki has the
motivation, dedication, and drive to push herself onto the winning podium and the
ultimate goal of earning her Formula Drift License.
Nikki San Miguel
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 110
Born: Redwood City, CA
Hometown: Bothell, WA
Years drifting: 3

Car’s Nickname: The Pink Piglet
Roland Gallagher
Roland Gallagher is a professional driver in the
Formula Drift series. From the Pacific Northwest,
Roland has been exciting crowds and peers alike for
years. He is climbing ranks quickly and has become
well known in the nation-wide drifting community for
his consistent style and aggressive lines. Roland is
sponsored by Garage Autohero, Exedy Clutches,
Feltons Nissan Autoparts, Portland Speed Industries,
BC Racing NA, USCutter, Hell Yeah Custom
Coatings, Falken Tires, Supertech Pistons.
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Victor Moore was born in the Pacific Northwest and
has been a competitor ever since he first started
participating in sports. He first learned about drifting
by watching JDM Option Videos and the Initial D
Anime series when he was 17 years old and has
remained a drift addict ever since. However, it wasn’
t until 2005 when Victor drove in his first drift event
and knew drifting was what he wanted to do.
Through determination, consistency and with the
support of his family, friends and local shops Victor
has gone from being the underdog to one of the top
tier drifters in the Northwest. In 2008 Victor was
crowned the first ever Evergreen Drift Champion. In
2009, Victor was awarded his Formula Drift License
for 2010 and has been living life to the fullest ever
Victor Moore
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